Freestanding Digital Posters

An incredible digital advertising display screen with built in HD android media player. This freestanding digital signage screen has been designed and manufactured for public areas. Quick and easy to use upload eye catching content through a USB device or upgrade to Content Management Software. Made for 24/7 use with the adequate commercial components the poster I perfect for public hotspots.

The slim profile of the aluminium frame on the floor standing posters allows for maximum utilisation of space on your shop floor or public area. The posters include commercial-grade panels which showcase increased view angle, vivid colours & increased contrast.

Plug and Play

Plug and Play is the most straightforward way to upload content to the screen. Simply load images and videos onto a USB stick, insert into the display, wait for your content to copy over and then remove. Your images and videos will now play in a continuous loop

Free Scheduling Software

These displays come with free scheduling software for displaying different content at different times of the day. If you prefer to keep it simple you can update the screen directly without using the software.

450cd/m2 IPS Panel

Commercial grade IPS technology accurately displays image quality and colour depth with no fall-off in colour accuracy. These panels are designed to achieve ultimate lifelike colour temperature in portrait orientation.

24/7 Commercial Use

These displays use a commercial grade LCD panel and LED back- light. They have the ability to be in constant use 24/7 for over 70,000 hours and have no external buttons or controls to avoid tampering.

Power Timer

The eco-friendly power timer allows you to assign daily or weekly on and off times for your screen meaning that it is only in use when it needs to be; improving your environmental efficiency.

Free Integrated Castors

These freestanding displays are a fully potable solution as they feature integrated castors as well as retractable feet for more permanent installations.

Internal Locker

Should you need to connect the screen to an external source, like a PC or media player, you can use the HDMI input or the VGA and 3.5mm audio jack inputs and hide the player inside the internal locker.

Scrolling Text

You can display a “ticker tape” style scrolling text message along the bottom of the screen, to help you get your message across or help highlight any specific promotions or offers.

Giant Tablet Styling

Their tempered glass face, rounded corners, super slim profile and aluminium surround all add to the captivating tablet-like aesthetics as well as protecting the internal components from potential damage.

Wide Viewing Angle

Thanks to the IPS technology these displays provide fantastic image quality with a remarkable viewing angle of 178° in portrait orientation.

White Version Available

A stylish white version of the Android Freestanding Digital Poster is available in both 50” and 55.

Optional Network Upgrade

For a small charge you can upgrade your screen to be networked, allowing you to connect your screen via Wi-Fi, LAN or 4G, then remotely update it over the internet.