LED Video Walls

What is an LED Video Wall?

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can be found in torches, lamps and the backlight of most LCD screens; essentially they are tiny light bulbs. LED Video Walls comprise of individual LEDs that light up with different colours to create an image; so think of each LED as a pixel. Our ranges of LED Video Walls use surface mounted device (SMD) technology, combining red, green and blue micro LEDs so each pixel can create a full range of colours. LED Video Walls have a modular design so they can be made to fit any space

How does an LED Video Wall Work?

An LED Video Wall is made up of several components. The first of which is the media player, which sends the content via HDMI to the sending box. The sending box processes this video signal and sends it to the receiving card of the first LED cabinet. Each cabinet, which is comprised of separate LED modules, is then daisy chained to one another using a CAT5 cable to carry this signal.

Indoor and Outdoor LED Video Walls

LED Video Walls allow you to deliver your message on a grand scale and can be a very powerful tool. LED technology allows you to create Video Walls for both indoor and outdoor applications. Iconic locations such as New York’s Times Square and London’s Piccadilly Circus are dominated by outdoor LED Video Walls and tourists flock to see the advertising displays. LED technology is versatile thanks to protective IP-rated enclosures that shield the display from all outdoor weather conditions. Another huge advantage of LED is brightness; when compared to LCD technology indoor LED Video Walls are also nearly twice as bright. Outdoor LED Video Walls are more than 12 times the brightness of most standard LCD Digital Signage displays to help them compete with direct sunlight.

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