Outdoor LED Video Wall

LED Video Walls allow you to deliver your message on a grand scale and can be a very powerful tool. Iconic locations such as New York’s Times Square and London’s Piccadilly Circus are dominated by outdoor LED Video Walls and tourists flock to see the advertising displays. LED technology is versatile thanks to protective IP-rated enclosures that shield the display from all outdoor weather conditions 

Stunning Image Quality

State of the art SMD-LED technology delivers stunning image quality across the seamless display; certain to garner attention. With advanced video processing technology to produce accurate and vibrant colours with no distortion.

Lightweightand Slim Design

Each cabinet weighs 28kg and has a depth of 100mm making these screens much easier to install. The lighter weight reduces stress on the mounting structure.

IP Rated Weatherproof Enclosure

Designed with a robust aluminium enclosure to give protection from the all wet weather conditions. The outer casing is IP-rated which means it also keeps out airborne swarf, dust and other particles.

End-to-End Project Management

Every LED Video Wall is unique and each comes with its own challenges. We are here to advise and guide you through every step - from design to installation and even providing maintenance we can provide full end-to-end project management where required.

Outstanding High Brightness

With an incredible brightness level of 6,000cd/m2 the LED Video Wall has outstanding visibility. The display is sunlight readable even in direct sunlight instantly catching attention from viewers ensuring your content is always seen.

Front or Rear Maintenance

Through an intuitive and easy-to-use maintenance system the LED Video Wall can be serviced from either the front of the display or the rear. The LED modules can be removed quickly and efficiently for convenient maintenance.

Optimised Outdoor Viewing Distances

The Outdoor LED Video Walls are designed for longer viewing distances with multiple pixel pitch options depending on your budget and requirements.

Easy Installation

Their light and compact design as well as magnetic modules, positioning pins and simple cabinet structure make them ideal for either permanent installations or rental jobs.

Remote Updates from the Cloud

Take complete control of your LED Video Wall’s content with our CMS system. Publish and monitor your content from anywhere in the world via our online portal.

Optional Ambient Light Sensor

Ensure that the brightness of your video wall is always at an optimum level. This feature is ideal for displays that are road facing; which need to have variable brightness depending on the time of day.